A magical fusion of villa, garden and lake

Over the last 10 years, a number of events of great cultural interest have been held at Villa Rusconi-Clerici. The pavilion has hosted highly successful jazz and classical music concerts, operatic recitals and plays, performed before enthusiastic audiences delighted to discover such a setting.




Press conferences and book presentations have been organised recently, as well as art exhibitions held in the cellars, a unique setting which enhance the viewer's experience.





Food and wine evenings have also been organised, featuring fish from the lake or specialities from the nearby mountains and valleys of the Ossola such as cheese, wine, ham and bread. These events have included guided visits to the garden.



Other visits have introduced the garden to enthusiasts of botany from all over the world, charmed by a garden which essentially remained untouched in its layout and species planted for almost 200 years.  


Though its splendour at sunset on summer evenings and the more subdued appeal during autumn days, occasional firework displays are able to enhance even more the beauty of the lake, creating a fascinating and unforgettable event.





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