The old kitchens

The kitchens, laundry and servants’ bathrooms,  located in the cellars of Villa Rusconi-Clerici,   were still in use up to the end of the forties, and were then abandoned.


These beautiful rooms and their fittings have been completely refurbished and restored to life and dignity.


The old Aga-style storage cooker, made in Milan at the end of the 19th century by Lazzarini Brothers, was completely overhauled using the techniques of that time; the broken cast-iron corners were re-cast in earth moulds and the oven reassembled with refractory bricks.

The old solid granite sinks are usable once again, and are now provided with hot and cold water supplied electronically.


The  storage cooker and the old bread-oven are regularly used to bake pizzas and other specialities as “something extra” in addition to the usual catering service.


And we have ambitious plans for our kitchens.  Picturesque and airy, they are destined to be the scene not only of end-of-party evenings in the villa, but of food and wine events organised by “Slow Food“, and even of art exhibitions like that devoted to the artist Lucio del Pezzo, held here in 2005 under the aegis of the Excalibur Gallery of Lesa and sponsored by the Music Weeks of Lake Maggiore.



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