The Pavilion

The garden of Villa Rusconi-Clerici, in Verbania on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore, now includes a superb pavilion for receptions. Standing right in the heart of the garden, where the old tennis court used to be, the pavilion is a graceful wrought-iron structure reminiscent of the great greenhouses of the late 19th century.

Framed amid the fine trees and flowers of this historic garden, looking directly on to the lake and the jetty, departure point for the Borromean Islands, the pavilion adds elegance and atmosphere to an already beautiful place.  

The side facing the lake is a single huge window, embellished with wrought iron openwork.  The backdrop formed by lake, islands and mountains takes on magical tints towards sunset.

The pavilion is unusually elegant for this kind of structure, thanks to its wooden floor and fittings of the highest quality.  

Its construction in 5 modules of 15 by 5 metres makes it easy to partition into spaces of 150, 225 or 300  square metres, able to comfortably seat from 50 to 300 guests. 

On warm days, the pavilion can be left open towards the garden;  in windy or cooler weather the walls can be closed and the interior heated using standalone heaters. 

A perfect combination of magnificent villa, historic garden and graceful reception facility in one of the most charming spots in Northern Italy!


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